Postal Service Job

The average hourly wage of a postal worker is $25.88 to $34.14 per hour.

Annual Salary by Position

$71,000 per year:
First-line Supervisors
Managers of Transportation
Material-moving Machine & Vehicle Operators

$65,150 per year:
Mail Superintendents

$53,840 per year:
Postal Service Clerks
Postal Service Mail Carriers

$53,830 per year:
Postal Service Mail Sorters
Postal Service Mail Processors
Processing Machine Operators

The most popular Entry Level Positions:

City Carrier

Daily activities:
  • Delivering and collecting mail
  • Driving to and from neighborhoods
  • Carrying a mailbag (can be up to 35 pounds)
Perfect if you like:
  • To be outdoors
  • Walking
  • Speaking with people
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Safe driving record
  • Two years documented driving experience
  • Pass the 473 exam

Mail Handler

Daily activities:
  • Load and unload mail
  • Transport mail, mail containers and other equipment
  • Open and empty containers of mail
Perfect if you like:
  • Rewarding physical work
  • Working with others
  • Be able to lift heavy objects (up to 70 pounds)
  • Pass the 473 exam

Mail Processing Clerk

Daily activities:
  • Operating automated mail processing equipment
  • Move processed mail from one area to another
Perfect if you like:
  • Rewarding physical work
  • Working with others
  • Be able to lift heavy objects
  • Pass the 473 exam

Sales & Services Associate

Daily activities:
  • Help customers find the right mail package for them
  • Provide direct sales as needed
  • Distribute mail on a daily basis
Perfect if you like:
  • Helping people solve problems
  • Working with others
  • Being in a retail environment
  • Pass the 473 exam

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