Postal Exam 473e

How hard is Postal Exam 473e?

Its not hard, just requires the fortitude, memory skills and the willingness to diligently apply ones-self but 80 to 90% of all candidates FAIL the 473e Postal exam. The exam takes about an hour to finish.158481978

The exam consists of 4 parts:

Part 1: Address Checking (60 questions, 11 minutes to complete)

The Address Checking portion tests your ability to check addresses for errors.

The take away here is you will be given two addresses side by side. You must determine whether the address and ZIP are the same or not. You will be given four answers to choose from:

(A) The address and ZIP are exactly the same.
(B) There is a difference in the address only.
(C) There is a difference in the ZIP only.
(D) There is a difference in both the address and the ZIP.

You are not penalized for leaving questions blank.
It’s better to answer only the ones you’re sure are correct.

Part 2: USPS forms completion (30 questions, 15 minutes to complete)

This section is designed to measure your ability to properly complete Postal Service forms, such as mailing receipts, certified mail receipts, and postage due forms.

There are five different forms on Part 2 that you will answer questions about. For each of the forms, there are 5 to 7 questions.

Some of the questions will ask about certain information that should be entered on the forms while other questions will ask what types of entries are correct for particular fields found on a form.

Each form is different, and it’s easy to get them mixed up. With practice, however, you’ll breeze through these.

Part 3: Coding from Memory (36 questions, 7 minutes to complete).
Perhaps the hardest part of the 473e Postal Exam.
This is designed to test your ability to perform mail sorting tasks by memorizing addresses. Taking our practice exams will increase your speed so you can get through this section quickly.

Part 4: Coding (Match 36 addresses with their corresponding routes, you have 6 minutes to complete).
The take away here is you need to move fast through this section. We’ll teach you several memorization tricks to help you move as quickly as possible.

mailtrucks Inventory of Personal Characteristics and Experiences (150-236 questions, 90 minutes to complete).
Taken online when you create an account at the USPS website. You will complete this part of the process before you apply for a position with the USPS. This part is essentially a personality test that reveals many things about your:

Life experiences
Behavior in a variety of circumstances
Work ethic

The take away here is answer these questions as honestly—and quickly—as you can. Speed helps here.

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