About Us


Postal Jobs Exam offers individuals interested in applying for a job in the United States Postal Service complete assistance through the entire hiring process. Our comprehensive Gold program is better than just any postal exam book. In the Study Guide you will find approximately 200 pages of easy to follow exam taking strategies & tips from subject matter experts. Our 4 online timed Practice Exams simulate the Postal Service exams. Memory exercises, Postal forms, My Quizzes are included in the dashboard for easy access. You can access your Dashboard 24/7 from your computer or mobile device.

80 to 90% of all candidates FAIL the 473e Postal exam. We can help you not only pass the challenging exam but our GOAL is for you to score in the 90+ percentile. The higher your grade the better your chances are of getting an interview, chances are hiring managers will choose candidates with the highest test scores to interview. 70 is a passing score, the minimum to be employed by the Postal Service.

 Our program was developed to offer comprehensive assistance to postal job candidates during every step of the process of postal job search, application, and most importantly, with the exam and interview process. Lastly, Postal Jobs Exam is not affiliated with the United States Postal Service in any way. United States Postal Service is an equal opportunity employer.