Anyone serious about becoming a Postal Service employee .

Needs To Purchase a Quality  Study Guide

 One that can help you with all the hiring processes.

 On average a full time USPS Employee makes $53,830 - $71,000 per year-                                                                                            benefits included.

A USPS Career Offers Exceptional Benefits including Health Insurance, Retirement plans, 401k, Vacations, Dental Care, Sick Leave.

Are You Qualified to Become A United States Postal Service Employee?

These basic qualifications are required of all potential employees.

Are you at least 18 years old, or 16-17 years old with High School Diploma?
Yes     No

Do You Have Your High School Diploma or GED Equivalent?
Yes     No

Are You A U.S. Citizen, or Do You Have Your Green Card?
Yes     No

Have you taken Postal Exam 473e (if Yes then it must be over 120 days ago)?
Yes     No


90% of all Postal Service Jobs require each applicant to take the 473e Exam. You must pass the 473e Exam with a minimum of 70% to become a USPS Employee.

80% to 90% of all applicants FAIL the 473e Exam on their first try. You must wait 120 days before you can reapply for the 473e exam. That perfect job may have come and gone in this time frame not to mention the thousands of dollars you could have made working for the United States Postal Service.

Why do so many applicants FAIL the 473e Exam ? LACK OF PREPARATION

Our Study Guide can prepare you for the exam so that you can not only pass, but have a higher score that will give you an advantage over the other applicants. As mentioned a passing score on the 473e Exam is a 70% but your GOAL SHOULD BE in the 90s.

What you must understand: the higher your score, the more likely you’ll get a job.

Here’s why: The Post Office ranks you based on your Postal Exam score. So for example, if you pass with a score of 70 you will be placed behind someone who got a 90. Because of this, you need all the help you can get. Anything that improves your score by five, ten, even twenty percent can be the difference between getting the job of your dreams—or getting stuck in the same old job you hate.

That’s why you need the Postal Jobs Exam Membership. It’s designed to help you prepare for the exam and get the highest possible score.

                                                          PRACTICE EXAMS INCLUDED 

                                               ***For Your GUARANTEED SUCCESS***

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The most comprehensive Postal Study Program on the market today:

200+ Page Study Guide

Your study guide will be available for download to your device- computer, tablet or smartphone. Study Guide is approximately 200 pages of updated information with practice test questions, form illustrations and explanations of each test and its content.

There is also chapter on memory retention with several practice exercises. Very important as this part of the exam is the most challenging.

473e Practice Exams

These exams are for your use only and can be used over and over as you need.

The exam questions change each time the exam is restarted. You will also receive a score and a Certificate of Excellence for each exam score of 90+ to give you the confidence to move on to the next exam and on to the USPS exams.

"Postal Jobs Exam Education Portal is why I passed the Postal exam!"

"The illustrations and examples presented in the eBook Study Guide helped me better understand what the exam offers. I think the program is just simply fantastic- I truly enjoyed the dashboard format. The practice exams are what I needed. Nicely explained, simple and very easy to understand. Using the Gold membership study program for the Postal exam was a great experience. I felt confident going into the exam."

-Arianna G.
San Diego, CA 
- Matt Jones, Buffalo, NY

"Your lessons prepared me for the Postal Exam in less than two weeks."

"I'm a full time student, working and broke. Despite all that, I was able to get everything I needed for the Postal job in less than two weeks because of your lessons. Your program was clear and concise, and covered all the necessary information. The support staff is excellent and quick to respond to my questions. The practice exams are great, just what the actual exams are about. Thank you so much for helping me to save time, money and stress. My part time job with the Postal Service is what I wanted!"

- Elisa F.
San Antonio, TX

No need to pay $70, $85 or even $120.00 to prepare for the US Postal Entrance Exam.

Our program was developed to offer comprehensive assistance to postal job candidates during every step of the process of postal job search, application, and most importantly, with the exam and interview process.

"Easy to follow exam test taking strategies & tips from subject matter experts.."

Our comprehensive program is better than just any postal exam book.  As noted the most challenging section of the exam is the memory test. In our eBook Study Guide  we have several memorization exercises that you can use at any time over and over to help you exercise your memory skills. Also our Interview advice is given by expert hiring managers.

We update our material on a continuous basis to support the latest exams currently being used by the United States Postal Service.

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Money Back Guarantee

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