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We recently have helped these clients get hired by the USPS.


​So glad I spent the time and money to study before I took the Postal Exam

I was advised by my postal lady that getting hired as a mail carrier was not so easy. She said she had failed the exam twice before she was hired. I searched the Postal Service to find answers but it took me several hours to find very little. As I researched online I found Postal Jobs exam website. I was unaware that the requirements were so demanding. I spent the money to join and Thank god I did. Its no wonder so many people fail the exam, its not hard but very exhausting. The online practice exams were the life saver. Without them I would have been lost when I arrived to take the 473 exam. Thank you Postal Jobs Exam for my new career.

Mary H.
Alexandria, VA

Your lessons prepared me for the Postal Exam in less than two weeks.

I'm a full time student, working and broke. Despite all that, I was able to get everything I needed for the Postal job in less than two weeks because of your lessons. Your program was clear and concise, and covered all the necessary information. The support staff is excellent and quick to respond to my questions. The practice exams are great, just what the actual exams are about. Thank you so much for helping me to save time, money and stress. My part time job with the Postal Service is what I wanted!

Elisa F.
San Antonio, TX

It was a great experience and I’m glad I took this course. The Self Study process through the dashboard was perfect. Having your staff available to answer questions was really helpful! I would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to obtain a job with the Postal Service. You have the best online training program I have experienced. Thank you!

Steve W.
Calhoun, GA

I have worked in the early childhood education field for over 15 years and was a center director. It was a time for a change. But a secure change! Gave some interest to the idea of being a Postal employee and started researching online.

Your Gold membership was by far the best option for me. The flexibility to be able to study and practice the exams at any time was invaluable to me. My schedule is hectic; I could take a few minutes to study at work or at home sit down for a couple of hours to study 24/7.

The cost is by far the most reasonable around, $69 dollars is nothing when your time is valuable. The personal service is incredible from the first contact to support to the ease and simplicity of your study program. I have had a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend the Gold program to anyone looking to apply for a full time employee at the United States Postal Service.
Jessica S.
Indianola, IA

Postal Jobs Exam Education Portal is why I passed the Postal exam!

The illustrations and examples presented in the eBook Study Guide helped me better understand what the exam offers. I think the program is just simply fantastic- I truly enjoyed the dashboard format. The practice exams are fantastic. Nicely explained, simple and very easy to understand. Using the Gold membership study program for the Postal exam was a great experience. I felt confident going into the exam.
  Arianna G.
San Diego, CA

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New Client
Mytown, USA