How hard is Postal Battery Exam 473e?

80 to 90% of all candidates FAIL the 473e Postal exam. Its not hard, just requires the fortitude, memory skills and the willingness to diligently apply ones-self.  The exam takes about an hour to finish. It includes four separately timed sections; Address Comparison and Checking, Forms Completion, Coding, and Coding by Memory. After you have  enrolled in Postal Jobs Exam program you will be immediately taken to your own dashboard where you will have the necessary tools to practice, practice and practice. Your new career is worth the effort!!

Do you have any job openings in my area right now?

There are positions available everywhere throughout the nation; they are usually posted quite often and they get filled really fast. There could be 1,000 plus job openings at any given time throughout the United States.

How much is the salary, and what benefits are offered by the USPS?

People who work for Postal Service get a lot of growth opportunities and great job security. Entry level postal employees receive a salary of up to $21 an hour, which includes benefits, to start. The fact is that average full time postal workers earn an income over $71,000 per year, again benefits included. Full time positions receive full federal benefits, as well as paid training, paid vacation, leave programs, retirement plan, thrift reserve funds, 401k arrangement and flexible spending accounts to cover for health care and child care expenses.

What will I get when I enroll for the Postal Jobs Exam Program?

Gold Members- Immediately upon registration and completed payment, you will be given access to your own online dashboard where you can navigate all the features. Postal Jobs Exam Study Dashboard, where you can practice by taking simulated postal exams in advance. The practice exams are automatically timed and graded, which will make it easier for you to score higher on the real exam. For more details with what is included click here

Silver Members- Immediately upon registration and completed payment, you will be given access to the 473e Postal Study Guide for download to your computer or mobile device.

Keep in mind that higher scores mean you will get ahead in the hiring process. Most current employees have stated this was the most valuable tool in the hiring program. The program includes all you need to help you perform better in each step of the postal hiring process.

Does the US Postal Service provide the same assistance as Postal Jobs Exam?

The USPS provides applicants with a document called Publication 60-A, which works as a brief orientation guide. This document was published in November 2004, and is free. You can find a link to access this document here.

Am I ensured work when I enroll in the Postal Jobs Exam Program?

Unfortunately there is no way to guarantee a job in the postal hiring process. What is known is that the higher you score is, the easier and faster you will be hired. This is why we guarantee you a full refund of  your Gold Membership purchase, in the event you do not pass the required exam.

How do you handle refunds?

Gold Members- All refunds are in full and are paid within 5 business days of the request. Refunds are only given to a candidate who does NOT pass the 473e exam. You can request a refund by filling out the required refund request form (located in My Dashboard) and emailed a copy of the failed exam score from the United States Postal Service. For further details click here

Silver Members- Do to the digital delivery of our Postal Exam 473e eBook Study Guide there is ​NO REFUND.

Is there an opportunity to apply for more than one job?

You can apply to as many positions at USPS as you wish. You will be required to take a Postal Service application exam, once you pass it, your information will be entered into their applicants database in the Postal Service registry. Please keep in mind that depending on your skills and exam score you will not just be considered for positions you have applied for already, but for those positions where you would like to apply for thereafter.

When does the exam take place?

Everyone who has successfully applied for a position online will be contacted via email in order to set a date to take the exam at an independent examination facility close to your area. All applicants get to schedule a time and location that is convenient for them. After setting up your schedule, you will receive a confirmation email with all the details relevant.

Are you the US Postal Service?

We are NOT the US Postal Service. We are Postal Jobs Exam. Our organization provides assistance to candidates to go through the four steps of the Postal Service hiring process easier and with the best tools available today. Be aware that the postal service doesn’t provide assistance in the process, as they prefer candidates go through the process alone.

The fact is that candidates, who receive assistance on how to perform better in the hiring process, get an advantage in the Postal Service hiring process. You will too!